Met Contemporary

Kitchen and living combination

Met, Metropolitan Future Kitchen, is a flexible piece of furniture able to move, transform, adapt to new lifestyle and consumption, and is projected into the future of environmental sustainability. With just a "click", the island opens into operating mode for meal preparation or snack. In this way, the kitchen comes to life. With a new "click", the island is closed, everything disappears and the big counter becomes a console for an orderly, pleasant living area. There is one size: 256 cm. It is available in wood Volare colors: tobacco oak, graphite oak, dark oak, light oak, cherry oak, purple oak, orange oak, white oak, cinnamon oak. It is a perfect mix between design, space, technology and originality. This product has a CE certificate, ensuring safety of the domestic workplace. The company contributes to the safeguard of the environment using a water-based paint for the matte wooden parts. The "home automation" is installed into the kitchen with an easy and convenient extension mechanism. Safety sensors check that there are no objects that would prevent its closure during the cover's movements. In case of any obstacles, the closure immediately stops movement. The hood and tap are retractable.

Met, Metropolitan Future Kitchen, stems from the need to create furniture for a small space that joins together all typical functions of a kitchen in one self-supporting block, without sacrificing usability. Met is practical and functional; it extends and closes as needed with simple movement.

Flexibility, versatility, modularity, ease of use and many configuration possibilities follow the trend of recent years to create an optimized space which opens into a localized workspace. It is a perfect summary of harmony between lines, shape and material. Met is available in two sizes: 196 cm and 256 cm.



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